Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team is a 1993 beat 'em up developed by Rare and published by Tradewest. It was originally released for the NES and then ported to the Genesis, SNES, and Gameboy.

In the game the Dark Queen who escaped after being defeated by the Battletoads in the first game has made it to Earth and plans to conquer the galaxy through an alliance with the Shadow Warriors (the antagonists from Double Dragon). The Battletoads approach Billy and Jimmy and the two teams decide to team up before heading to the Queen's space ship, the Colossus, to begin their assualt.

Even though the game features the Double Dragons Jimmy and Billy Lee, as well as many enemies from the series, the game was developed by the team behind Battletoads and Technos, the developers of the Double Dragon games, had no involvement. This is apparent in the gameplay and style of the game which was designed around the Battletoads enginge. The 3 Battletoads: Zitz, Pimple and Rash team up with Billy and Jimmy allowing the players to choose from 5 playable characters. The game can be played in single or two player simultaneous modes.

The game is a standard beat'em up in which the players move through each stage attacking enemies using punches, kicks and special attacks until they are defeated. Each stage ends in a boss fight. Players each have their own life bar and a set number of lives. When they run out of health they revive where they were killed. Using a continue however, means both players must restart the stage. The game features seven stages based on locales from the previous games in the Battletoads and Double Dragon series.

Being released so late in the NES life cycle allowed the game to feature many graphical techniques such as 3D scrolling which are rarely seen in NES games.

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Battletoads Double Dragon

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